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AEM — Offline Compaction [LINUX]

SYNOPSIS AEM Offline TAR Compaction script, using a custom logback configuration file with custom encoder for better logging. For Windows If you wish to execute on windows environment use the … Continue Reading AEM — Offline Compaction [LINUX]

AEM — Download, Install & Replicate Package

Download AEM package from an Author instance and install in lower environments (on a different AEM Author instance”

Anaconda Distribution on Google Cloud

-==Disclaimer==- This is just a custom guide to a INSTANCE on Google Cloud Platform, this could be more technical and advanced guide, if you do not understand or don’t know … Continue Reading Anaconda Distribution on Google Cloud

MySQL on RHEL/Centos7.x

Installation of Mysql57 community server on Centos/RHel7 [code lang=”bash” title=”Updating the cache”] $ sudo yum update -y [/code] [code lang=”bash” title=”Adding MySQL CE Repo”] $ sudo wget [/code] [code … Continue Reading MySQL on RHEL/Centos7.x

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