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AEM TAR Offline Compaction


This is just a custom guide to run compaction on AEM Author/Publish service  on remote windows server, this could be more technical and advanced guide, if you do not understand or don’t know what you are doing, I kindly request you to take extreme caution. The components used here are billable. SKYDEVOPS/I/WE do not take any responsibility if the guide causes any serious damage or issues, which you have to take full responsibility.

Step-01: Oak-run

  1. Download Oak-run JAR form here

Step-02: Create a file logback-compaction.xml (on the server)


Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 5.19.45 PM.png

Step-03: AEM OAK offline Compaction on Linux, Unix and MacOS systems

# Linux, Unix

sudo -u crx nohup java -Dtar.memoryMapped=true
-Doak.compaction.eagerFlush=true -server -Xmx30g
-jar oak-run-1.6.1.jar
compact /path/to/segmentstore >> oak-tar-compact.log

# Windows Machines

java -server -Xmx3g "
-jar C:compactionoak-run-1.6.1.jar
compact C:crx-quickstartrepositorysegmentstore
>> C:compactionoak-tar-compact.log


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