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Install Nexus on RHEL

Following is the installation procedure for Nexus OSS on RHEL

Step-01: Update the cache and install basic tools

sudo su -
yum update
yum install wget lsof -y

Step-02: Download the latest Nexus OSS Binaries

cd /opt

Step-03: Extract the binaries

tar -xvzf nexus-latest-bundle.tar.gz
rm nexus-latest-bundle.tar.gz

Step-04: Create a soft link for Nexus directory

ln -s nexus-2.12.0-01/ nexus

Step-05: Setup Home directory for nexus

export NEXUS_HOME=/opt/nexus

Step-06: Create Nexus user with restricted permissions

useradd -m nexus

Step-07: Change the ownership of the extracted nexus binaries

chown -R nexus:nexus /opt/nexus-2.12.0-01/
chown -R nexus:nexus /opt/sonatype-work

Step-08: Editing Nexus binary to run as service

vi /opt/nexus/bin/nexus

# Edit the following line in the nexus script

# Editing the NEXUS_HOME environmental variable
# Editing the NEXUS USER environmental variable
# Editing the NEXUS PID environmental variable

#Note: Just edit the above three variables [NEXUS_HOME, RUN_AS_USER, PIDDIR] in the script

Step-09: Starting Nexus as a Service

cp /opt/nexus/bin/nexus /etc/init.d/nexus

Step-10: Changing the permissions of the script to make it executable

chmod 755 /etc/init.d/nexus

Step-11: Enabling the Nexus service settings

cd /etc/init.d
chkconfig --add nexus
chkconfig --level 345 nexus on

Step-12: Starting/stopping the Nexus server

service nexus start
service nexus stop

Step-13: Dashboard can be accessed at


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