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Install Nexus on RHEL

Following is the installation procedure for Nexus OSS on RHEL Step-01: Update the cache and install basic tools Step-02: Download the latest Nexus OSS Binaries Step-03: Extract the binaries Step-04: … Continue Reading Install Nexus on RHEL

Install Nginx from Source

Step-1: Install the dependencies for Nginx Step-2: Download Nginx Source Code Step-3: Extract the tar balls Step-4: Configure Nginx Step-5: Compile the Nginx Source Step-6: Creating user for nginx Step-7: … Continue Reading Install Nginx from Source

Add Alias for Git on cmder

To Add alias for Git on Cmder Go to the following location or where ever you have unpacked the Cmder binaries and open the file aliases with administrator permissions. There … Continue Reading Add Alias for Git on cmder

Centos Static IP Configuration

Note: Assuming that there are two Nic cards Step-1: Disable iptables Step-2: Disable the NetworkManager Step-3: Edit the Grub to change NIC card names Step-4: Restart the system Step-5: Edit … Continue Reading Centos Static IP Configuration

OpenVPN Setup on CentOS7

Step-1: Install EPEL Repository Step-2: Install OpenVPN $ sudo yum -y install openvpn   Step-3: Setting up OpenVPN Server Step-4 Setting up the firewall Step-5: Generating Keys and Certificates Using … Continue Reading OpenVPN Setup on CentOS7

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