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MySQL on RHEL/Centos7.x

Installation of Mysql57 community server on Centos/RHel7 [code lang=”bash” title=”Updating the cache”] $ sudo yum update -y [/code] [code lang=”bash” title=”Adding MySQL CE Repo”] $ sudo wget [/code] [code … Continue Reading MySQL on RHEL/Centos7.x

Git from Source on Centos/RHEL 7

[code lang=”bash” title=”Update Cache”] $ sudo yum update [/code] [code lang=”bash” title=”Install Dependencies”] $ sudo yum groupinstall “Development Tools” $ sudo yum install gettext-devel openssl-devel perl-CPAN perl-devel zlib-devel [/code] [code … Continue Reading Git from Source on Centos/RHEL 7

Docker CE installation on Centos Box

Step-1: EPEL release Repo [code lang=”bash”] $ sudo yum install -y epel-release [/code]   Step-2: Remove Older Docker version if installed [code lang=”bash”] $ sudo yum remove docker \ docker-common … Continue Reading Docker CE installation on Centos Box

Sonarqube Installation on Ubuntu 16.04

-== Disclaimer ==- This is just a custom guide to install and configure SonarQube on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, this could be more technical and advanced, if you do not understand … Continue Reading Sonarqube Installation on Ubuntu 16.04

Chef Server Installation

Note: Installing Chef server on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Cloud platform used is google cloud platform. Make sure you have proper FQDN [code lang=”bash” title=”Update Package Cache”] sudo apt update && … Continue Reading Chef Server Installation

Jenkins installation on Centos behind Nginx

Installation of jenkins on Centos-7.x behind Nginx with Oracle Java

Nagios on Centos 7.x behind Nginx

Nagios is a open-source monitoring tool, can be deployed on ubuntu, centos/rhel machines. In this tutorial we will be deploying Nagios Core on Centos 7.4 cloud vm hosted at Google … Continue Reading Nagios on Centos 7.x behind Nginx

NodeJS Nginx Reverse Proxy

You can follow the guides below to install and configure Nginx and NodeJS Nginx Installation on Centos and Ubuntu NodeJS Installation on Centos and Ubuntu Assuming the NodeJS application is … Continue Reading NodeJS Nginx Reverse Proxy

NodeJS Installation

Following are the instruction to install and configure NodeJS Installation of NodeJS on various environments. Installation is done on Centos, Ubuntu machines. NodeJS version 6.x, 7.x and 8.x -== NodeJS … Continue Reading NodeJS Installation

Firewalld Configurations on CentOS 7.x

Introduction to how to install and manage firewalld on centos machines.

Shell customization on Centos 7.x – ohmyzsh

Customizing centos7.x shell and installing custom ZSH shell for better working. Tools used, git, zsh, oh-my-zsh, powerlevel9k, powerline fonts.

Typescript Installation

Following is the guide to install node using .msi installer Step-1: Node Installer – Download Page Step-2: Select the installer for your system 32-bit or 64-bit Step-3: Run the respective … Continue Reading Typescript Installation

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